Please sort out landscaping in Eastbourne town centre

From: Alex BuchanMichel Grove, Eastbourne

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 4:01 pm

I noted that Annemarie Field was commenting on the state of the Carpet Gardens recently click here to read and was pleased to see that the flower beds have been installed during the course of this week.

However, when it comes to the state of the landscaping in the town centre, that has been a bit of a disaster since it was created in 2019.

Inspection reveals that many of the destroyed saplings have been replaced with road filler!

Eastbourne town centre on the first day of the UK's third national lockdown 6/1/21 SUS-210601-134900001

Those that are left don’t stand much of a chance to reach maturity unless they are given protection such as those planted in Chiswick Place.

The low-lying flower beds have exposed badly damaged membranes – it is as though they have been abandoned by those responsible for them.

Some people have so little regard for these flowerbeds that dog owners and parents allow their charges to walk on and through them.

Perhaps Annemarie could mention this blemish in the town centre in one of her weekly columns. Such a pity to have had so much money flung at the centre of the town to get so little in return. I often wonder whether the members of the borough council ever visit Terminus Road or Cornfield Road as it must be obvious that something is lacking and they are well placed to get the town centre looking attractive.