Please protect important, historic part of Eastbourne

From: Aaron and Claire Turpin, Old Camp Road; Jane and Jeremy Belcher, Old Camp Road; Pam Trinder, Alfriston Close; Michelle and Peter Connell, Compton Drive; Sara Spratt’ Old Camp Road

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 2:53 pm

Climate change and a massive decline in biodiversity are two of the biggest challenges of our time, and need to be tackled at all levels, from international to local.

Eastbourne Borough Council recognises these challenges in its declaration of a climate emergency and recently published “Biodiversity Strategy 2021-2025”.

Summerdown is an important historic part of Eastbourne, and forms a gateway between the town and the South Downs National Park.

Its gardens and green spaces are rich in native flora and fauna, and form a stepping stone between the Downs and parks and other green spaces in the town.

Species spotted in the area include badgers, bats, hedgehogs, barn and tawny owls, sparrowhawks, song thrushes, chalkhill blue butterflies, hummingbird hawk moths, slow worms, flower crab spiders, lady’s tresses orchids, early purple orchids, pyramidal orchids and bee orchids (some of which are subject to statutory protection).

A number of residents have recently been approached by developers wanting to build on the back gardens of Summerdown, and a planning application has recently been submitted for two bungalows complete with detached garages and supporting roadways in the area. Residents fear that the granting of such applications would have a significant effect on local biodiversity, and would urge the council to refuse them.