Pevensey Levels is one of the most important environmental sites in England

From: Stephen ShawMaple Walk, Bexhill on Sea

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 3:50 pm

Your correspondent, Will Miller, did a great service in drawing attention to the international significance of the Pevensey Levels and the threat posed by speculative housing developments (Eastbourne Herald, April 30).

The Levels are indeed one of the most environmentally important sites in the whole of England, but their continued viability is now in danger as never before.

Readers should know that as well as the threat to the Levels from the north and west as a result of building proposals within Wealden, there is a similar danger of great harm on the eastern side.

Waller's Haven on Pevensey Levels looking towards Herstmonceux in the late afternoon winter sun. January 20th 2014 E03185Q SUS-160324-160907001

Rother District Council has been presented with two large housing schemes in Cooden/Little Common that are actually adjacent to the Levels.

The prospects of pollution and the damage this would cause to the fragile ecosystem of the Levels is evident, and will exist throughout the lifetime of the new estates were they ever to go ahead.

It is impossible to imagine any other country allowing here-today, gone-tomorrow building companies to behave in such a reckless manner.

We all understand the need for more housing provision, but not at the cost of this unique wetland environment. Rother and Wealden both need to say no.