Perpetrator of damage at Eastbourne car park did not leave a note

From: Maureen ColeBeverington Close

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 4:36 pm

esterday I parked my car in the Beacon multi-storey car park whilst doing some Christmas shopping.

Upon my return I found the back bumper and wing badly dented with broken glass.

I have just retired from being an RGN at Eastbourne Hospital and thought it would be nice to upgrade my car to something fairly modern to limit later expense, when on a reduced income, so I spent some of my pension on a new car.

The selfish perpetrator did not leave a note, or forwarding details so now I am facing a bill of £2,344.03 for the repair so clearly the damage is not slight.

The Beacon manager has been very good in offering assistance and hopefully the incident will be on CCTV so the person can be caught and made to face up to their responsibility.