NHS staff deserve more than just a hand clap

From: Martine Léger GillWatts Lane, Eastbourne

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 2:24 pm

I recently spent four-and-a-half weeks as an in patient at the DGH, a few days at the AMAU and a full four weeks on the Berwick ward.

I would to say thank you for the excellent care I received from not only all the nursing staff, but also the doctors, phlebotomists, physios and all those staff members who attended me in some way, including cleaners, catering staff and porters.

I should also like to mention how super clean the nursing environment is kept and how impressive the food on offer is: I am truly grateful to you all for making my very long stay bearable.

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You certainly deserve more than just a hand clap and a one per cent pay rise.

Thank you.