Many people across Eastbourne will miss Stephen Lloyd

From: Lord Rennard MBEHouse of Lords, London

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 4:17 pm

Many people across Eastbourne miss Stephen Lloyd who was a superb local MP.

It is with sadness that many people will learn this week that he has decided not to stand again.

In the last four general elections in which Stephen stood, the Lib Dems won twice, and the Conservative Party won twice.


Any constituency based on Eastbourne will always be close between these two parties.

I noted the shares of the votes for each of the parties across the constituency in the recent county council elections.

These were as follows:

Liberal Democrat - 38.9%

Conservative - 38.3%

Labour - 7.9%

Greens - 6.2%

Assuming the same number of votes cast as at the last general election, these figures would now result in a new Liberal Democrat candidate gaining the seat back by 330 votes!

Until the country switches to a fairer voting system, the choice locally remains very much between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.