Irritated by Eastbourne’s Lightning Fibre installation

From: Judith FurnerWatts Lane, Eastbourne

Friday, 11th June 2021, 9:10 am

I wonder if any other resident of Eastbourne is as irritated as I am by Lightning Fibre.

They came to our street without our knowledge or consent, made a terrible noise and mess digging up the pavement, left a hideous black line down the centre and severed our drain.

They then had the cheek to telephone us to ask us to pay for the privilege.

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We informed them that we would not pay, and asked them to mend our drain, which they assured us they would do. This telephone conversation occurred three times.

We are still waiting for the drain to be repaired. I do not feel optimistic. When it rains, the water, rather than drain into the road, will seep underneath the pavement and the foundations of our house.

When, eventually, it gently slides down the hill we shall know the reason why, but no doubt the perpetrators will by then be long gone.