Eastbourne’s fibre cable laying fiasco

From: Mrs JC JamesBakewell Road, Eastbourne

Friday, 11th June 2021, 9:50 am

Is anyone else fed up with the way the council has allowed the shambolic fiasco the laying of fibre cable, first by Lightning Fibre and now City Fibre?

For the last three weeks Motcombe Road/Lane has been fenced off on one side while City Fibre are laying cable. On top of that we have white vans and trucks parked causing problems for through traffic.

They are now starting in our road but have not cleared Motcombe Road yet. We went though this rigmarole when Lightning Fibre was doing the same thing.

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Yesterday was bin day and they couldn’t get up our road or Motcombe so our bins are still full and, bearing in mind the black bins are only emptied fortnightly by the next due date, the contents will have been in them will have been in them over a month. They are a health hazard and an open invitation to rats!

The letter put through our doors said that they had agreed certain conditions with the council and it would take a week to complete, yet Motcombe Road is still fenced off after nearly three weeks!

The council must have known the bin day collection days and surely could have arranged for the work to be done between the two dates.

I don’t blame the companies for this fiasco, the blame lies firmly at the council’s door and lack of forward planning.