Eastbourne town centre plan is lazy architecture

From: James GilbartArundel Road, Eastbourne

Friday, 11th June 2021, 9:53 am

You recently featured an article on the proposed redevelopment of Burlington Corner in Eastbourne that is, the closed TJ Hughes site.

I put a message on the Upperton ‘Nextdoor’ App and encouraged local residents to look at the plans on the developers public consultation website and comment.

The overwhelming response was that sadly, since the store has closed, redevelopment and repurposing of the site is necessary to save it from being a derelict eyesore indefinitely.


However, almost all of the responders (including myself) absolutely hated that proposed structure.

It looks like a vertical bunker and is not at all sympathetic to the local area or the current structure on the site.

One responder called it ‘lazy architecture’ ie the architect has simply used an existing ugly design with no skill or desire to produce an attractive building and has just dropped it onto this site.

It is incredible that more than 50 apartments are being crammed into this space with almost no provision for parking or other facilities.

I think this design is a slap in the face for Eastbourne residents – this town has suffered numerous development blunders and ugly buildings over the years and deserves much better.

The architect should go back to the drawing board or maybe a more competent one should be appointed to make a more fitting and attractive use of this prominent location.