Eastbourne MP should start petitioning government over housing targets

From: Ian GarbuttPentland Close, Eastbourne

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 3:36 pm

Open letter to Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell regarding housing and development:

You say in your newsletter that you are opposed to the continual building of more housing on green belt around Eastbourne, Polegate and Hailsham yet it is your Government policies that is causing it.

I find your statement rather hypocritical.


Your Government is imposing housing targets on each planning authority and Wealden are granting these applications as they say that at appeal the government planning inspector will simply overturn any rejection.

Look at what they said when granting the recent application at Friday Street Farm.

If you truly believe what you said in your newsletter then start petitioning your own Government to cease imposing house building targets that are unsustainable.