Eastbourne cemetery still in a dreadful state

From: Gillian Relf, Badgers Way, Bracknell

Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 3:25 pm

Two years ago I wrote to Gill Steadman, manager and registrar of Eastbourne Bereavement Services, about the dreadful state of Ocklynge Cemetery and she replied on January 6 2020 that the equipment had been stolen and that was the problem.

She also said it was coming under a new contract from January 1, 2020 and things would improve.

We then went into lockdown and because I live in Berkshire I was unable to visit. My son actually went to the cemetery this summer and said that it was still in dreadful condition. No improvement.

Ocklynge Cemetery in September 2021

I went down on Monday December 13, 2021 to take wreaths to three family graves and I am disgusted at the poor condition which continues at this cemetery.

It is extremely dangerous walking between the graves as grass is so long it is impossible to see where the graves are and also where the soil has subsided.

It is can only be a matter of time before someone has a serious accident and falls down a hole and ends up with broken leg or worse.

We went to one family grave which is situated behind the church right up against the wall and the weeds etc were so high that had we not known where the grave was we wouldn’t have found it as the headstones were completely covered.

The only good point was the hedge leading to the plot had been cut back at last.

A notice on the gate of cemetery says there are war graves within so what must people think who come to find the graves of people who fought for this country?

The local council should be ashamed of themselves.

In contrast we also visit Hailsham Cemetery where my sister is interred and it was, as always, neat and tidy.

Can I hope that by the time of my next visit someone may have made an effort to improve the conditions of this cemetery.