Do developers ever consider nearby residents?

From: June WebberTovey Close, Eastbourne

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 3:12 pm
Plans for homes at Ockynge Chalk Pit SUS-210325-144520001

Regarding the development of Ocklynge chalk pit:

The picture of the proposed new houses there looks absolutely ghastly.

Have the developers taken any account of the people living in Tovey Close and Selmeston Road?

Our property may be in jeopardy for the simple fact that we are living on top of this cliff and it is very worrying any erosion into the chalk cliff could be a disaster for us.

The elements are against us with heavy rain and the winter high winds and the dryness of the hot summers.

Are they aware too of the importance of the habitat of the animals living there and important species of plants?

Many times public opinion of developments have been voted against, the example being the housing development opposite the DGH, quite unsightly and not a good example if you are visiting Eastbourne for the first time.

I feel, and am aware other people have the same concerns, that this proposal should be voted a definite no.

For the sake of us all living in the very nice areas of Tovey Close and Selmeston Road, does anyone on these planning and council committees really care?

Nearly always money is the bottom line and always will be.