Development is another assault on Eastbourne’s green space

From: Helen McCauley Albert Place, Polegate

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 12:51 pm

The proposal for 700 homes at Mornings Mill Farm is yet another assault on precious green space.

I challenge the notion that this is to supply vital much needed housing stock.

Mass development of Polegate over past 10 years has produced a multitude of new houses at Dittons Fields, Bluebells and along the Cuckoo Trail.

Mornings Mill Farm, Polegate. SUS-170517-142236001

Furthermore pubs, shops and car parks have been converted into residential units.

Green space is vital to prevent climate change, negate pollution, noise and provide wildlife some small space to thrive. Let’s fight this blight before we are just left with a huge slab of urban sprawl.