Derisory pay offer for NHS staff

From: Dr Kathy BallardMichel Grove. Eastbourne

Friday, 12th March 2021, 9:51 am

I am disappointed the government sees fit to offer our NHS staff only one per cent pay rise.

Meanwhile the government’s rickety Test and Trace system has already consumed ,pre tjam £35 billion in public funds, numerous contracts for emergency PPE supplies appear to have gone to unqualified companies and, so we are told, the PM’s fiancé has recently spent an incredible £200,000 on redecorating their flat in Downing Street.

All in all it begs the question: is it one rule for them and one rule for us?

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I would urge MP Caroline Ansell to oppose the government’s derisory one per cent offer and, instead, stick up for our local health service by insisting we repay the NHS nurses and doctors properly for all the heroic efforts they have made over the last 12 months on our behalf.