Cyclists are spoiling Eastbourne’s promenade

From: Brian HigginsDarley Road, Eastbourne

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 4:03 pm

The busy lovely lower promenade between The Wish Tower and Holywell, is happily becoming increasingly used by more people during the summer months.

Unfortunately their enjoyment is being spoiled and their safety put at risk by a significant number of illiterate or selectively sighted adult cyclists.

Any attempt to advise them that cycling is not permitted on this stretch of promenade is met with coarse abuse or worse. One cyclist thought it amusing to try a ‘wheelie’ in the face of some ‘promenaders’.

Seafront No Cycle Sign Eastbourne Prom SUS-150618-070831001
Seafront No Cycle Sign Eastbourne Prom SUS-150618-070831001

Eastbourne Borough Council made the bye-law but shows a lack of enthusiasm to enforce it, despite the many signs. It is to be hoped that the council will seek to enforce its bye-laws to avoid the possibility of accidents.

With little or no enforcement should there be an incident the council could well be judged complicit.