Compromise needed on rewilding at Eastbourne cemetery

From: Sue DixonGore Park Road, Eastbourne

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 1:28 pm

It appears that a compromise needs to be reached regarding the rewilding of Ocklynge Cemetery.

When the wild flowers were in bloom there a few weeks ago it looked really lovely but now in places nettles are taking over and it looks unkempt.

I am sure that lessons will have been learned from this year and a programme of cutting and tidying organised for next year so that insect life and visitors can enjoy the flowers but the cemetery is not allowed to become overgrown.


We must recognise the value of rewilding and the Churchyard of St Mary’s is an excellent example of what can be achieved.

I would also imagine that cost cutting is a factor and realistically money has to be spent on other priorities.

It is a question of finding the right balance so that the feelings of grieving relatives are acknowledged.