Common sense wins the day for Willingdon

From: Cllr John Pritchett BEM, Chair of Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council and Willingdon Residents Association

Thursday, 16th December 2021, 2:44 pm

I would like to say a huge thank you to the more than 1,000 local Willingdon residents (including many residing in Polegate) who put pen to paper and sent in very comprehensive objections to the plans for Mornings Mill Farm from their local knowledge of living here.

You really do have to reside in this area and travel along the A2270 through Willingdon to appreciate the problems we all – and those further afield – have to endure on a regular basis including dangerous rat runs on our side roads.

It only takes one minor problem for traffic queues to result in gridlock producing dangerous fumes and damage to the environment.

Kim Attridge (Resident and member of Against MM Farm Team), Cllr Douglas Murray, Willingdon & Jevington Parish Council, Ruth Sheppard (Resident and Leader of the Team of Against MM Farm), Cllr John Pritchett, BEM, Chairman of Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council and Chair of Willingdon Residents Association, Cllr Ian Nisbet, WJPC, Cllr Frances Pritchett, WJPC. SUS-211213-101631001

The hard work led by local resident Ruth Sheppard and her team in continuing to energise our community to get behind the campaign to have this application refused cannot be underestimated.

We have a wonderful community here in Willingdon and we all want to protect our last green space between Willingdon, Polegate and Eastbourne for the enjoyment and health of all.

We know the fight is not yet over, but common sense must continue to prevail and we will never stop the fight against this development.