Come on Eastbourne - cyclists aren’t monsters

From: Anita SmithSouth Cliff, Eastbourne

Friday, 9th July 2021, 10:24 am

In response to the recent complaints about cyclists on the promenade I would like to defend the poor cyclists.

They are not monsters, they are people on push bikes.

In an era when we are already restricted from doing so many things, surely we can all enjoy our seafront together.

This includes the Dotto train, mobility scooters, roller skaters, cyclists, skateboarders, pushchairs, wheelchairs, dogs and of course pedestrians.

Of course there will always be a the odd teenager who will show off on his bike but the vast majority of cyclists are considerate and respectful.

After all we wouldn’t ban all drivers because of the odd ‘boy racer’.

As a cyclist myself I find cycling on the road terrifying.

I have been spat at, sworn at, had rubbish thrown out of the window at me and had drivers try to run me off the road by driving too close.

On top of that there are the lethal potholes and I’m not prepared to put my life in danger until the council can decide on a safe cycle route on the seafront.

Our beautiful promenade is wide enough to accommodate everyone, so let’s practice kindness and tolerance in these difficult times.