Can’t we have a cycle lane on Eastbourne’s upper promenade?

From: Louise PepperallUpperton Gardens,

Friday, 9th July 2021, 10:23 am

Why can’t Eastbourne put a cycle lane on the upper level of the promenade going in both directions?

It has been brought up before but the council could not move the blue badge holders’ parking bays as that would create mayhem.

Cycling is a healthy activity, which will reduce obesity.

Seafront No Cycle Sign Eastbourne Prom SUS-150618-070853001

There is plenty of room for all, it just takes tolerance.

I’ve been knocked by a cabin car and mobility scooter but why doesn’t anyone moan about them?

E-scooters/e-cyclists are a lot more dangerous then a cyclist on a push bike.

Who I find the worst are families who walk across the pavement so that no one else can get past.

Or people who are very territorial, who save seats at cafes before they have paid for anything which is very selfish.

It was lovely during lockdown when I walked and cycled along the seafront in peace doing my daily exercise for half an hour every day.

There was hardly anyone around, so quiet, with clean air as there were no smokers either. I welcome it again if needs must.