Boy racer danger at Beachy Head

From: Eve FrancisHurst Road Eastbourne

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 2:23 pm

On two recent visits to the Beachy Head beauty spot I parked in the car park west from the Beachy Head Pub enjoying the views across towards Belle Tout and Birling Gap.

Suddenly these noisy racing type cars started arriving and parking on both sides and filling up the car parks.

Out stepped many youngsters, some of them with hoodies up.

They all seemed to be discussing matters then they went back into their cars, engines roared and off they went at a very high speed down the road towards Birling Gap and then they all came back whizzing to a halt with their tyres burning rubber.

There is lots of evidence on the road with their tyre skid marks.

Believe me it was quite scary and it was then, on both occasions, that I left and headed off back away from that area to safety.

Then we also had the added problem of high speed super motorbikes speeding along that stretch of road without any care for visitors who were crossing the road nor cyclists either.

I did try to ring the police but it was taking forever and so I gave up, as I mentioned, and headed towards safety.

I do understand that those youngsters need to let off steam and energy but not like this.

I wish the police would arrange for that area to be patrolled in some way.

If only there were cameras too.

These youngsters, in my opinion, are not all from Eastbourne but come from far and wide just to race.

Is it going to take someone being seriously injured before something is done?