Boris should just resign now on Partygate

From: Dean Martin, Burwash Close, Eastbourne

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 2:55 pm

With the latest news on Boris Johnson and his government saying sorry is a load of waffle!

He made up rules for us all to follow and yet he broke them himself. Too many lies and disappointment from a government which is supposed to support everyone. While other government officials done wrong they resigned.

Boris Johnson should do the decent thing and resign he is no leader!

Boris SUS-220401-150112001

The UK needs a leader who is truthful, fair and honest with everyone, not a leader who hides under a rock like a helpless crab .

And with the issue of support on Covid, the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh governments are doing all they can to protect their people. What is the English government doing to protect there people? Nothing!

With the Boris Johnson government there is sleaze, corruption, lies and price increases. Free NHS prescribed medication could be stopped in April for those aged 60 to 65.

Bus passes are stopping for the over 60s, energy firms charge high prices. And there’s inflation, plus low benefits if you’re not on universal credit, low wages, conflicting advice.

And another blow from a money grabbing government... lateral flow testing axed! How are people supposed to test for Covid now? Totally unfair, government!