20mph speed limits: one councillor makes all the decisions

From: Paul Humphreys Chichester Close, Eastbourne

Friday, 2nd July 2021, 9:58 am

Your report, of East Sussex County Council Transport Committee on June 21 shows no matter what our councillors and residents might think, only one single councillor makes the decisions click here to read.

At this particular meeting, the discussion was around 20mph limits and nearly all the councillors spoke in favour.

However at the end of the agenda item, the Lead Councillor Claire Dowling decided against it. After watching the video of the meeting and reading old minutes, it appears that regardless of the support for any proposal, this is the process.

Unofficial 20mph signs in Southover, Lewes SUS-170727-010209008
Unofficial 20mph signs in Southover, Lewes SUS-170727-010209008

It is unclear how real change, can be delivered, even where there is local support.

On closer examination, all the other council committees appear to be the same.

It is unclear, to me, what the point of the committees are and how they can be thought either democratic or accountable.