LETTER: At wits' end over parking

This letter is about the impact of hospital parking charges on elderly and vulnerable residents of Framfield Way and surrounds.

Saturday, 29th July 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:47 am

I’m at my wits’ end to be able to park my car here at St Clements Court (where I have lived for 11 years) or in the near vicinity road, because of patients, staff, taxis and visitors to Eastbourne District General Hospital refusing to pay extortionate parking fees to visit the hospital.

I even have on my mobile phone camera a photo of one staff member car parked in Rushlake Crescent with staff parking permit visible for all to see.

Since the chronic problems are a direct result of expansion of EDGH over the 11 years, and its policy of charging for parking, it is the direct responsibility of the Trust to resolve the problem as the Trust is bringing their charity into disrepute by inflicting harm on neighbours and the vulnerable.

I have serious medical problems (remaining unresolved because my consultant at Imperial College NHS in London has seen me for three monthly intervals for the last 12 months without numerous scans from 2014 to present from EDGH being supplied – he has retired now!)

I may have to sue for pain, suffering and negligence.

I recently applied for a blue badge and the assessor accepted I was in great pain walking, but as not in danger of death, refused a permit ... and that is in writing!

My landlord has absolutely no scope to increase our parking here (eight spaces for 14 people with cars plus care workers and other visitors).

The Scheme Manager is also this ward’s Borough Councillor and he is trying to obtain the immediate front road as Resident Permit Parking.

This may take years and at 76 I could be in my grave by the time that ever happens.

In the meantime I’m at risk everyday from parking fines, etc, and falls from walking too far, not to mention going into a coma waiting for a parking spot, or hypothermia in winter.

Perhaps the Trust might make available 10 parking spots in hospital grounds, free of charge, by way of compensatory act to the elderly and vulnerable here.

David Price,

Framfield Way