LETTER: We can share '“ and take care

I refer to the letter by David Stopp regarding the headline '˜Seafront cycle lane to replace parking' [Herald, April 28]. I read this headline with the same incredulity.

Friday, 12th May 2017, 3:00 pm

My husband and I are everyday cyclists (not just leisure cyclists) and the thought of usurping this small car parking area from the Redoubt to the pier sounds quite crazy.

Surely the answer is to have the whole pavement from Channel View Road (the sea side) as a ‘Share With Care’ pavement as it is from Terminus Road up the seafront – most seaside towns manage to have this facility for cyclists.

If we could have this shared pavement there would be no need for any big expense or to change any much-needed car parking space and cyclists could then have the pleasure of cycling all the way from the harbour (and beyond) right up to Holywell.

Please, Mr Robert McGowan and Simon Barker, would you consider this straightforward answer which would take little money and could be implemented within a very short time with little interference to anyone. Regularly placed kind notices saying ‘Please Share With Care’ are all that is required.


Commercial Road