LETTER: Teacher jobs are in jeopardy

'Pupils' Crisis Point' read the latest Hailsham Herald headline. There has, in fact, been an on-going crisis in education for years.

Sunday, 28th May 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:16 pm

Blair may have pumped money into education, but he also introduced ‘free schools’, opening the door to unaccountable private profiteers.

Not to be outdone, under Cameron, Michael Gove introduced the acadamisation of primary schools. Here, in Hailsham, this resulted in the self-aggrandising Lilac Skies taking over and promising to turn our schools around, like the company founder supposedly turned around Islington Green School in London.

The schools were, in fact, turned over and are still reeling. Far from clearing up the mess, Theresa May’s government is tightening the screws so that, in East Sussex, we can expect to lose 591 teachers.

Theresa’s admirers are calling her the new Maggie Thatcher but, when it came to schools, Thatcher was just the ‘milk-snatcher’. Theresa and her cronies, however, are attacking not only that which feeds the mind, but even school lunches.

Islington Green students once famously sang: “We don’t need no education”. If May gets her way, there won’t be any.



Hawks Road, Hailsham