LETTER: Stop moaning about the pier

It is amazing how an entrepreneur like Abid Gulzar can make an investment and then continuously moan about how he is not being treated right by almost everyone.

Friday, 28th April 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:38 pm

In his letter in last Friday’s issue of the Herald he refers to your ‘small’ article about him – was he expecting a full page? Then he again complains how he did not win the prize for having the best pier, and how he should have had the £2 million giving by the Government to the council to use as they thought fit – certainly not for him to spend on the pier.

He gives advice on how to increase the level of tourism by no doubt investing in his pier when the growth in tourism has now exceeded all expectations and finally blames the borough council for not giving him support.

Despite saying that he knew that buying the pier would be ‘a battle of love’ he then goes further by arrogantly suggesting that if he hadn’t bought the pier nobody else would have done and it would have been ‘an eyesore’. Finally he tells us how wonderful it is looking!

He should go and see some of the other piers then he will realise that this is far from true. But never mind, folks, the council has now given him permission to splosh some more gold paint on the pier which he identifies as making the pier ‘looking great’. Again far from true.

One cannot be sure but perhaps Mr Gulzar’s intention when buying the pier was to receive the bulk of the £2 million and then get permission for a casino – neither of which have happened. If it had, his return on his investment (whatever this was?) would have been vast and would no doubt enabled him to have painted all of the floorboards in gold. In the meantime, Mr Gulzar, either stop moaning or sell the pier.


South Cliff