LETTER: Sickened by the pier vandalism

Last week my partner and I took our visiting grandchildren to Eastbourne Pier as we hadn't been for some weeks.

Sunday, 6th August 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:19 pm

On entering the pier we were disgusted to see that several of the old Victorian lights had been vandalised, no doubt by some scumbags or yobs.

Its new owner Sheikh Abid Gulzar has done much to make this historic pier a lovely feature of Eastbourne since its disastrous fire and unless there is a way he/we, or the authorities, can stop this wanton destruction it will soon be looking like it did before he bought it.

I and, I hope, the majority of Eastbourne residents and tourists will not want to see this happen so we should all be vigilant in catching and prosecuting those responsible.

No doubt the damage will soon be repaired and light up the pier again for all to enjoy.

It was also concerning that most of the pier visitors that evening were students – so where were all the tourists and ‘oldies’? Maybe there needs to be some ‘older’ evening attractions other than a nightclub.


Shipley Mill Close, Stone Cross