LETTER: Senses invaded by rent-a-mob

I was one of those who attended the Town Hall meeting where Cllr David Tutt presented his thoughts on the proposed sale of the council-owned downland farms.

Friday, 9th December 2016, 3:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:47 pm

Frankly, I was appalled. Not by Mr Tutt, but by several individuals in the audience who were nothing short of rabble-rousers. I don’t think they even come from Eastbourne, I heard several mention Brighton and ‘their city council’.

I went to the meeting to be informed, not to have my senses invaded by rent-a-mob and their shouting down of anything they didn’t agree with. Mr Tutt is owed an apology. I don’t vote Lib Dem, but regardless of political persuasion he deserved much better.

I suspected there was more to this debate than the scare stories being pushed out by these invading militants. The farms are in safe hands, the South Downs National Park Authority governs the use of the farms and that won’t change if a private owner takes them on.

A dear friend of mine owns significant land within the National Park and I know that she can’t do anything outside of her remit for grazing animals. She tried to extend a barn recently but was refused, and she lives miles from anyone! She also has footpaths and bridleways through her land, people use them on a daily basis, nothing ever changes. Why on earth does the council own farms? Give them to people who are farmers and rest assured we’ll still be able to enjoy the downland; stories to the contrary are plain lies.

Penelope Sedgewick

Upper Dukes Drive

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