LETTER: This is a recipe for traffic chaos

This proposed development at Mornings Mill Farm, Willingdon,is absolutely ridiculous until the necessary infrastructures are put in place first.

Friday, 2nd June 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:04 pm

First of all there will be traffic lights onto the Eastbourne road. With the traffic congestion there is today and with 1,100 houses there will be a minimum of 2,000 extra vehicles. This will cause absolute chaos all day long and extra pollution. A school is to be built just to add to the traffic chaos.

In my opinion people will not want to go shopping or work in the town due to the amount of time it will take to get in and out of Eastbourne.

The head of highways has stated that some improvements will be made but cannot guarantee this will be done before the houses are built. One example is the A27 – this has been discussed for 25 years or more.

The District General Hospital services have been drastically reduced over the last few years. More people less services. It cannot be right to offer the people of Eastbourne a reduced service. The hospital was opened in 1976 and since that time the catchment area population has probably doubled.

I understand we need more houses but put the infrastructure in place first otherwise it never happens.

This letter is not because I live in that immediate area, but because I care about Eastbourne as I have lived here for more than 40 years.


Willingdon Park Drive