LETTER: Pier's a place worth visiting

It was refreshing to see two letters [Herald May 5] praising Sheik Abid Gulzar and his sterling (or should that be 24 carat?) efforts to slowly and surely transform the pier into a clean and smart structure worth visiting. Prior to the fire it was dowdy, generally because of a lack of maintenance by the previous owners.

Saturday, 20th May 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:40 pm

The Letters pages of April 28 carried a heading ‘Stop Moaning about the Pier’. Was that directed at the writer, Michael Harris, or have I misinterpreted it?

Regarding his view that Mr Gulzar ‘arrogantly suggests that if he hadn’t bought the pier nobody else would have’, well, it was there for anyone including Eastbourne Borough Council to do so, but no other body did. Methinks there might be some regrets being displayed now in some rather unsavoury ways.

The letter from Wendy Davies regarding the pigeon droppings on the paving below the pier, which she states has been going on for years (should read decades), suddenly becomes the fault of Mr Gulzar.

If it isn’t his responsibility then perhaps he could get the council to do something about it. Sadly, what may be a genuine complaint contains a degree of sarcasm toward Mr Gulzar. Maybe a personal letter to the council is the route!

Does the council still have a parades inspector? Should it be the case that Mr Gulzar is responsible for the natural habits of pigeons in Eastbourne, does that suggest that if someone has their chips taken by a seagull swooping from one of the pier’s gold domes, then that is also down to Mr Gulzar? How cool that would be, we could call him ‘The Gull Tzar’.

Perhaps some individuals may wish to follow Michael Harris’s earlier advice, ‘all who are self-burdened with biased thoughts and negativity cast them aside’.


Wannock Drive, Polegate