LETTER: No table at cafe '“ so no coffee

Having read Catherine Oakes' letter [July 28] regarding the poor service she had received at the new cafe in Princes Park I can only say my one experience there concurs.

Friday, 11th August 2017, 10:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:17 am

As a nearby resident I used to enjoy the old cafe there, with friendly staff and good value snacks - the only thing it was lacking was somewhere to sit out overlooking the lake.

Then it was closed for nearly two years for a complete rebuild including creating a terrace at the back of the cafe to sit and enjoy views of the lake while eating or just having a cup of coffee.

Having endured seemingly endless delays for it to re-open, when it did a short time ago I went to give it a try.

It was a warm sunny day and I was looking forward

to sitting out on the new terrace but when I arrived I found there were no tables there, just two to the side (occupied) and the rest inside or outside the main entrance as they had been with the old cafe.

However, I thought I could at least have a coffee and sit on the new steps overlooking the lake so went in and up to the counter.

I first told the lady about lack of tables on the terrace and got a shrug. I then asked for a coffee and was asked for my table number.

As I didn’t have one and in any case all the tables seemed occupied I told her I would just take it outside. She refused to serve me – no table, no coffee.

I also glanced at the menu and it appeared to be all rather pricey bistro type food – no longer the good value snacks from before.

To spend such a vast sum of our money rebuilding it all including constructing that terrace and then to find the cafe will not let us use it seems ridiculous to me.

And frankly their attitude is enough not to make me want to go back, not to mention that what we locals really want is a nice good value cafe, not some fancy bistro run by unfriendly people.


Groombridge Avenue