LETTER: No longer strong and stable

Further to the general election results, may I first be permitted to congratulate Eastbourne's Stephen Lloyd on his return to parliament.

Saturday, 17th June 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Monday, 19th June 2017, 12:41 pm

A good man back where he belongs. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also achieved a spectacular result, despite the rancid an scurrilous personal attack made on him by sections of the Conservative supporting gutter press. He successfully motivated young people to come out and vote, and increased his party’s share of the over 65s.

Where Theresa May is concerned, in my view, she called this election without good cause and it was not being in any way in the national interest.

And from the very start she made it all about herself and her personal standing in the country. To this account, therefore, her subsequent humiliation at the polls is both extensive and deserved. The Conservative Party as a whole avoided the same level of humiliation through the continued support of those constituencies that will give their backing regardless in many cases of how hurtful or objectionable they might be. Policies that on this occasion, included the removal of the winter fuel payment from millions of elderly people, the removal of the triple lock protecting pensions, the dementia tax, the vote to repeal fox hunting, and the evermore reckless approach of the party to the Brexit negotiations.

To conclude, in my opinion, Theresa May should now resign her position. However, preventing this, I believe, will be her level of arrogance and detachment from the common touch. But even if she manages to cling to power, she will choose as the hostage to parties such as the DUP. Hardly strong and stable government.

Tony Aldridge

Deanland Wood Park

Golden Cross