LETTER: Heartfelt praise for cardiology

The Cardiology Department recently provided an excellent service for people who were in any way uncertain or apprehensive of heart conditions, treatment and care, and the event was to reassure the visitors of the attention and care that they could expect from the Eastbourne DGH.

Saturday, 1st July 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:26 am

Twenty or so people were there.

In two groups, we went to every section of the department relevant to care of the heart or treatment of its condition.

Each visitor would have had their own reason for attending which they weren’t asked about, but the day’s organisers had taken care to cover every aspect of the heart without asking intrusive personal questions.

From the reactions that I overheard among the visitors, the event was an unqualified success.

All of the staff, through doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, consultants, technicians and administrators were pleasant and proficient in encouraging and answering questions.

It was a pleasure to be among them.

From my own viewpoint, I’ve been under the care of Cardiology since Dr Nik Patel performed an angiogram on me, in 2002 I think.

One thing led to another, and I’ve had a triple heart by-pass, a pacemaker, and a replacement aortic heart valve, and so presumably have other patients.

The DGH continues to diligently call those patients in for check-up appointments so through your readers I suggest that apart from any temporary glitches you may be assured that you are not at all forgotten.

There’s another thing.

Over the years at my six-monthly check-ups I’ve noticed new and amazing hi-tech equipment in use.

I don’t know for certain because I haven’t asked, but if some of that has been funded by the work of volunteers that is another group deserving of our unreserved thanks.

Robin Kempe

Brook Street,