LETTER: Grandmother's work appeal

My grandson Joe is 20 years old and has been trying for months now to find a job but to no avail.

Saturday, 8th April 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:20 pm

It is staggering the number of positions he has applied for. His field of expertise is computers and web design. He is brilliant, clever in fixing anything, iPhones, laptops, tablets and so on.

He has completed courses at college and has excellent grades in his GCSEs – he really is a ‘Joe of all Trades’

He passed his driving test two years ago and has a clean licence and a car of his own. He does not drink or smoke and has never been in any trouble. He has applied for numerous driving jobs, shop work, bar work, labouring work, computer work, and even cat sitting work.

Most of the companies do not even bother to let him know, let alone give him any feedback. I have seen him struggling now for months it is so unfair. When I was 20 I once had three jobs in one day it was so easy to get work. I really do feel for him.

Is there anyone out there who can give him some work and more importantly something to look forward to? He is desperate to earn his own money and have a purpose to get up in the morning and be part of society, instead of stagnating at home becoming more despondent. It is just him and his mum now and he is feeling extremely frustrated and demoralised. He cannot contribute financially to help her, he just needs someone to give him a break. He is based in Seaford, so Eastbourne, Lewes, and surrounding areas would be good, he will consider anything. My number is 07531 283 838.


Compton Street