LETTER: Eastbourne living in past

It is that time of year when Airbourne or the Air Show is about to be put on.

Friday, 18th August 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:23 am

Let’s end it. It is the same old same old thing, every year, after all what can aircraft do that they haven’t done in previous years?

They go up, they come down, they twist, they turn and they make a lot of noise.

The Red Arrows; been there, done that, clever but it is the same thing year in, year out.

The public don’t want to pay for this event, in line with modern Britain, the public want something for nothing.

When the council did try and impose a charge, it was a financial disaster.

I can avoid the disgusting Terminus Road, I can avoid Eastbourne Town centre with its growing obesity, its increase in mobility scooters and totally unprepossessing dress sense of the Eastbourne residents, but unless I go away I cannot avoid the noise, dirt and banality of this event.

Of course being Eastbourne the event marks out further entertainment opportunities with the band stand and its Big Band sounds, Abba, rock’n’roll and tribute bands.

That’s Eastbourne, living in the past, and the sight of oldies jiving and rock-an-rolling is tantamount to water-boarding.

What I loathe more than anything however, is the perpetuation that it was the RAF and the Battle of Britain that stopped the Nazis from invading Britain in 1940, it didn’t, nor was it the RAF that saved the men from the Dunkirk beaches, as was recently stated by some arrogant, pompous RAF person.

End Airbourne, it does not bring financial benefit to the town.

Tony Spiegal

Darley Road