LETTER: A cup of tea and a smile helps

Regarding last week's letter '˜Was all the cash spent on paint?' from Michael Harris:

Monday, 3rd April 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:55 pm

I have in my possession a postcard of Eastbourne pier with I believe a 1921 postmark which shows the two entry domes painted gold.

I have also viewed two other postcards from the same era which show some domes painted gold.

It follows that Mr Sheikh Abid Gulzar having been granted retrospective permission for the current gold domes would wish to complete the work by having all of the domes gold for the sake of uniformity and attractiveness.

Soonest done before someone complains that some are still grey.

Mr Harris availed himself of the free entry onto the privately owned pier and it is pleasing to note that there was only two unnecessary items in evidence [as per his letter], so hats off to Mr Gulzar.

However, Mr Harris was clearly offended by the picnic tables and the booths with slot and other machines in them.

In the 50s as a youngster and unsupervised, I had great fun in the arcades on the Palace pier Brighton, always leaving without a prize and much poorer, I’d gambled away my hard earned two bob.

I do not claim to be a friend of Mr Gulzar, but I do know him from my connections with a disability group to whom he extended a charitable hand to use some of his facilities and, we were far from the only group to be so treated.

I do not know Mr Harris, but clearly and for whatever reason, it appears he has a problem, mention Mr Gulzar, the pier or gold and Mr Harris reaches for pen and paper to release an invective, perhaps in the hope of getting a few people on-board with his views. Why?

As regards Mr Harris’s challenge for Mr Gulzar to disclose ‘what he has spent thousands on’, perhaps once readers have details of who Mr Harris is and how he spends his money, who knows?

In the meantime a cup of tea and smile usually helps.

Paul Woolmer

Wannock Avenue, Polegate