LETTER: Centre's lockers get expensive

I thought I would write to advise readers, if you publish this letter, and those who may visit the Sovereign Centre to be sure to take with them a good supply of 20p pieces.

Saturday, 17th June 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 19th June 2017, 12:39 pm

These will be required to operate the new “coin retained” locker system recently introduced because of the £1 coin design change.

Each time you want to access your locker, having locked it (20p), you will need to pay another 20p if you want to relock it again and continue your visit, and so on.

So it could work out quite expensive if you forget to take something out of the locker or to get a purse or wallet to purchase refreshments etc and therefore need to access the locker two or three or more times during a visit.

A family may well need to use more than one locker. It all adds up.

Previously, the locker system worked on a “coin return” system, a £1 coin or a token similar to that used in supermarket trolleys, so effectively it was free for as many times as you wanted or needed.

So potential patrons be warned, take plenty of 20p coins with you. You may need them.

For those members of the Sovereign Centre whether Gym or Swim or both, a single use of a locker, say three times per week, will effectively increase the cost of membership by over £30 per annum. The more times you visit, the greater the cost. A member using the gym and then having a swim afterwards for three days per week, the increase cost of membership is over £62. On an annual membership fee of, say, £300 it represents a 20 per cent increase.

Just thought you would all like to know.

David Butcher

Benbow Avenue