LETTER: Brexit's not the issue here

In response to MP Caroline Ansell's reference in the Herald to the recent threat to her life, I wish to say that no matter how wide the gulf may be in our political outlooks, resolution must never be allowed to come through violence.

Friday, 5th May 2017, 5:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:49 pm

This said, it is not difficult to understand the upset and distress Theresa May’s action of cutting £29.05 per week from benefit paid to disabled people will have caused. Could this action be the start of the ‘caring and fairer society’ she now talks about?

One point in Caroline Ansell’s piece I do find myself at odds with is her belief that her party will not saddle future generations with debt. So how does she reconcile the fact with this belief that over the past six years of Conservative government the national debt has more than doubled, standing now at a record high of £1.9 trillion?

I also question her belief that June’s election is not the right time for protest. For looking at the growing crisis in the NHS, the crisis in adult social care and in our schools, it seems clear to me that June is absolutely the right time for protest.

Where Brexit is concerned in all this, we cannot vote in June to prevent it taking place, despite the fact that some 62 per cent of the total electorate have never given it their backing. But what we can do in June is use our vote to prevent our country from cutting off its nose to spite its face. Something I believe Theresa May and her far right government is fully prepared to do given enough power in parliament.


Golden Cross