LETTER: Brexit is a vital priority now

Well it's all over with few having forecast the result.

Sunday, 25th June 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:29 am

Now will be the time when the blame game will be played both internally behind closed doors and within the media.

The reasons for this or that happening or not happening will be many but blame must be tempered with realism and wisdom so that the errors of the past are not made in the future.

It is now vital that priority is given to a successful Brexit as this will go a long way to securing an even greater Great Britain.

I must, however, highlight one valuable lesson to be learned from this election. which is that the starting age of voting must remain at 18. It is inconceivable how so many young people were prepared to vote for Jeremy Corbyn knowing of his ideology for a Labour Party.

These young men and women were prepared to totally ignore all that he stands for now and has stood for over 30 years. His beliefs have been abhorrent and unacceptable other than to his clique of Marxist associates. But our young didn’t care.

They believed that a government run by him would bring them a bed of roses whereas it was more likely to lead to a bath of sorrow within a totalitarian state.

It is possible to promise anything when you know you will not be in charge to deliver. So were these young people simply deluded and naive or intoxicated by his rhetoric?

Whichever it was few had the common sense or sagacity to fully appreciate how they were being taken by the nose up a road towards ruin.

Michael Harris

South Cliff