LETTER: Boring chorus of the gnomes

When driving down Regent Street, in my early twenties, in my friend's very small car, a taxi refused to let him pass despite his constant hooting.

Friday, 14th April 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:29 pm

Having stopped at the next set of traffic lights, when the taxi was now alongside, the driver shouted out to my friend, “What a big noise from such a little car.”

I was reminded of this when reading the letter from Keith Taylor, Green Party MEP, in last week’s Herald, who has joined the ranks of those who do not understand the meaning of democracy and intend being our saviours by preaching ‘Project Fear’ – yet again.

We all know who they are so a school roll-call is unnecessary. They are simply boring and ineffectual having next to nothing worthwhile to shout about. They only survive by causing mischief and being as disruptive as possible.

This scenario has become as a modern children’s story with the very small green and amber gnomes being spurred on, by the delusions of their big egos, to call out at regular intervals, the same baseless messages over and over again.

The green gnomes, being the smallest of all, hope to appear much bigger by supporting the yellow wicked witch of the North, who is trying to cast spells on those living in the South. Many of the gnomes are exceedingly bitter, as some who frequently travel to the other side of the English Channel will soon lose their sinecures and have to find other suitable employment – if they can!

But children, do not be afraid. Your blue fairy godmother will rescue you all.


South Cliff