Left open to an EU stitch-up

From: Mike ThompsonBinsted Close

Friday, 20th April 2018, 11:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:34 am
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Re: British fishermen’s demonstrations against the amount of fish they are able to land.

I urge our fishermen to adopt the approach taken by the French.

They would not hold pointless protests. They hit where it hurts.

I, therefore, urge our fishermen to blockade Dover and other ports continuously throughout the summer.

Mrs May and co had no need to ‘negotiate’ as we buy more from the EU than they buy from us. EU citizens’ rights to settle here should have ended from the date of the referendum. We should have taken back full control of our waters immediately without compensation from us and been patrolling our waters even with our depleted navy.

We have been left open to a right EU stitch-up by Mrs May and co.