I’ll welcome no roadworks day in Eastbourne

From: Hilary CoombesSeven Sisters Road

Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:19 am
Bus shelters in Cornfield Road, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-191209-102022008

There are now even more fences along Terminus Road opposite the station, when will it ever end?

There are so many bits in the whole project that could be finished off and fencing removed, but they keep starting new bits.

As for bus stops: why are there no seats in the bus stop for number 3/4 bus opposite the station?

A large number of passengers travelling to Meads are elderly and would welcome a sit down waiting for a bus.

Why has the bus stop in Gildredge Road near the war memorial for the 3/4 bus not been reinstated?

It is a long way to walk from Marks and Spencer back to the station, when you could walk up Bolton Road and round the corner.

How convenient that the new stops C1 and C2 are just before Lushington Road, where the bus turns right.

What is the purpose of the double bus shelter sideways on in Ivy Terrace (with seats), now without fence, a way away from the stops G1 and G2?

I look forward to the day, who knows, when there are no roadworks in the town centre, several restaurants in the first floor of the shopping centre, all shops in the new part occupied and bus stops where the public need them.