I love having to put on all four Wellington boots

Flooding in Lower Street, Kettering
Flooding in Lower Street, Kettering

Going for walks in all this rain is fun. I have to put on my wellington boots (all four of them!) my raincoat, and my hat. When I’m not trying to run as fast as Usain Bolt, I like splashing in puddles. When we get home I give myself a huge shake, and water goes everywhere!

The garden is becoming an interesting place as well. In the spring I watched the birds make their nests and the flowers begin to grow. In the summer I saw the baby birds learning to fly, and sat on the grass while mum and dad ate their dinner outside. Now everything’s damp and there are slugs and snails all over the place!

Steve the hedgehog seems to like it though. Yesterday I heard him outside snuffling around and when I went to the window to ask Steve what she was doing he said, “I have to eat as many as I can!’ It turns out that hedgehogs go to sleep all winter, and before they do they have to eat lots of big dinners so that they don’t wake up hungry. Steve likes it. He likes spring and summer because they’re warm, and autumn because all the bugs come out and there’s lots to eat, but Steve doesn’t like winter because it’s cold.

I like summer because I can play outside and run around lots, but I like winter too. I like it when the leaves fall off the trees and make big crunchy piles on the ground, I like conkers, and I like snow. I especially like Christmas, and without winter there would be no Christmas!

I’d love to see any pictures of what you’re doing in all this rain: whether you’re on your way to school, taking long wet walks like me, or staying warm and dry at home, let me know what you’re up to!

Chip chip for now!