I do like learning to be a green dog!

Refuse / recycling collection by binmen
Refuse / recycling collection by binmen

MY WEEK has been so much fun, but also really busy! The weather has been so hot, I’ve spent a bit of time lying under the dining table and panting, so it’s hard to make plans!

I saw on the news that there had been lots of problems with litter in East Sussex so I’ve been making sure all week I’m recycling and putting all my rubbish in the bin instead of leaving it lying around.

I also made sure I told my friends as it is important everybody is recycling and making sure they don’t litter.

At the beginning of the week I had a lovely walk with my mum and dad in the park. My mum is really fast and it can be hard to keep up with her, but my dad is slower and so I’m a bit faster than him.

Mum says she is fast because she practises lots, and told me exercise is 
really important.

The next day I went round my friend Buddy’s house to play after school. He has a really big garden so we played loads of games, but it got a bit too hot so we had to go inside for a big cooling drink.

The next day mum made me go shopping with her which can be so boring!

Mum loves to look at clothes, but this time she also let me buy a new CD to listen to while I’m doing my homework as I had lots to finish this week.

Sometimes my homework can seem like it’s far too hard and I won’t be able to do it, but dad told me it doesn’t matter if it takes me a long time, as long as I do my best.

Even though it took me longer than usual to finish my maths, mum and dad were so pleased that they let me have fish and chips for dinner!

Chip chip for now!