I’d be worried if I was a politician

Grand Bocca restaurant Grand Buildings Eastbourne. For 'etc' magazine feature. January 8th 2012
Grand Bocca restaurant Grand Buildings Eastbourne. For 'etc' magazine feature. January 8th 2012
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A lady, far wiser than me, once said worrying was pointless.

It’s a bit like sitting in a rocking chair; it uses up all your energy and gets you absolutely nowhere.

That said however, I would start worrying now if I was a politician from any of the three main political parties (not that I ever will be – I don’t just have far too many skeletons in my closet, I have a graveyard full of them).

Last Thursday’s elections was a real mixed bag of surprises with established councillors seeing their votes plummet because of UKIP candidates.

No disrespect intended, but quite honestly traditionally you could put a blue rosette on a Vietnamese warthog in Meads and it would win an election. Yet the Tory vote there dropped.

Whether it was a protest vote by residents fed up with the shenanigans of the present incumbents at both County Hall and Number 10 Downing Street or a real swing towards a different political scene we shall see at the next General Election. There’s time to get those worry beads out yet.

In between covering the election last week and getting out and digging in the garden, I did manage to squeeze in a couple of glasses of Lady Petrol and a bite to eat in Eastbourne.

My first stop was Grand Bocca behind the Grand Hotel which is a little pricey but just what the town needs and totally lives up to the hype it has generated since it opened its doors.

The second little gem in Eastbourne’s crown is the Beach Deck on the seafront behind Treasure Island.

I can’t think of a nicer way to spend the day than sitting out on the restaurant’s deck overlooking the beach and sea with a nice cold drink on a hot day.

It would be lovely if somebody could now do something with that monstrosity of what used to be a cafe further along the promenade by the bowling green and the Redoubt.

Finally this week, if you think the potholes are a pain when you’re out driving, spare a thought for us cyclists!!