How about locating Eastbourne’s street markets in the Beacon shopping centre?

From: Mrs J.I. HobanLindfield Road

Friday, 17th May 2019, 11:18 am

Street markets appear to have become a permanent feature in Eastbourne, much to the detriment of the town, especially when they are located along the seafront.

May I suggest that these retail outlets are located within The Beacon?

They would be protected from inclement weather, and in a small way contribute to the enormous cost of what will surely prove to be a waste of space.

The overheads are proving to be much too high for well-established retailers to occupy the new shopping centre, or other locations in Eastbourne, but market stalls which appear to flourish in Eastbourne could take over without any expensive construction required.

Streets would remain free of litter, and pedestrians would be able to enjoy obstruction-free streets.

Above all to be able to have an unimpaired view of the sea would be an immense relief to all and sundry.

What will become of the vast spaces left when T J Hughes and Debenhams leave the town?

I dread to anticipate an even greater number of market stalls.

Eastbourne is becoming a slum. So many of us remember when the town had high reputation for tourism and an enviable aura of respectability compared to other local coastal resorts.

This is being destroyed before our very eyes.

Put The Beacon to good use, treat the project as an emergency.

The completion of The Beacon site is taking far too long and visitors will never come back to what has been a virtual building site for far too long.

Attempting to drive into Eastbourne is a nightmare. I do wonder if any of our councillors are aware of the loss of revenue this reconstruction is causing, and in this unstable time in our economy these losses will never be recouped, but somebody will have to foot the bill.

What is taking place at present is sheer vandalism.