Herald Opinon: Hands on policing at its very best

All too often these days, police forces are criticised for not doing enough in the fight against crime.

But just because we don’t see a bobby on the beat on every street corner, it doesn’t mean they’re all sitting in the station drinking tea or filling in endless forms.

This week’s raids in Eastbourne – when drugs, weapons and counterfeit currency were seized – show that behind the scenes, and despite massive cutbacks and low morale from the on-going battle with the government over their pensions, police officers are still doing what we expect them to do – asking questions and gathering information on n’er-do-wells and using that information to make Eastbourne a safer place.

The raids were the result of hundreds of hours of intelligence gathering and while they may not have been a huge success or netted drugs with a massive street value, they have caused major disruption to those who use and deal in drugs and blight our town.

The busts will no doubt also provide police officers with more intelligence on who shouldn’t be doing what and hopefully those offenders who don’t know the difference between right and wrong will think again when it comes to breaking the law.

We should be pleased with Eastbourne Police. And those officers should be pleased with themselves. Because, whichever way you look at it, this was hands on policing at its very best.


After yet more days of wet and windy weather, isn’t it exciting that the Eastbourne sunshine carnival is just four weeks away? And if you haven’t already done so, remember that today (Friday) is the last call to enter floats into the parade.

It’s not only the carnival that is being relaunched but also the tradition of a king and queen. Could it be your son or daughter, or grandchild, wearing the crown on June 2? Good news, too, that Eastbourne’s beaches have been given a thumbs up in the latest Good Beach Guide. We’re gearing up for a good summer and the carnival should be the perfect curtain raiser. So please, please Mother Nature – don’t rain on our parade.