Herald Opinion: Treasure Island deal is a real boon

How wonderful that children’s laughter will again fill the air this summer at a play park that stood empty for much of last year.

Treasure Island has been a focal point for generations of families and its closure created a huge vacuum - both emotional and financial - in Eastbourne’s tourism offering.

So this week’s news that a new operator is at the helm could not be more welcome nor better timed, with a new season soon to be upon us.

Much hard work clearly went on behind the scenes to clinch the deal that encouraged three entrepreneurs to put their confidence into the town, along with their money into plans to renovate and modernise much of the facility.

So a big pat on the back for the borough council in a month when it found itself with a much bigger headache in the shape of the Wish Tower cafe.

It would have been unthinkable to have had two prime attractions at opposite ends of the seafront stagnant and empty, so the Treasure Island deal is a real boon.


It’s with great sadness we report on the closure of the Hungry Monk restaurant in Jevington.

Over past 40-odd years the eatery earned itself an impressive reputation and was well-known throughout the south of England and beyond.

But the owner of the building said the country venue had seen an drop in trade due to the rise in popularity of the gastro pub and the soaring costs of running a restaurant in 2012.

It seems a shame that such a well-loved and special destination will be consigned to history.

But on the plus side, few restaurants leave behind the legacy of a much-loved dessert and a new word for the English language.

The Banoffi Pie (not Banoffee as you’d logically imagine) will outlive the restaurant where it was whipped up.

Sadly, the birthplace of the Banoffi looks set to become three holiday cottages, and the answer to future pub quiz questions.

So this weekend perhaps we should treat ourselves to a slice or two of Banoffi, for old times’ sake, and enjoy a truly Sussex sweet!