Herald Opinion: The human consequences of job cuts

BAD NEWS can so quickly follow good in the sort of turbulent economic times we are now living through. And it’s no different for Eastbourne.

After a near first-day washout, Airbourne appeared to have found its parachute and all indications were that the event had delivered a terrific boost to the pockets of the town’s businesses. (The bucket collections were a differrent matter; read the views of our columnist Annemarie Field - see the link on the home page).

But no sooner had the skies cleared than another cloud descended on the town’s job scene with news of a possible 60 redundancies at Powerplay. A business restructure will mean that number of staff within a 300-strong workforce either having to take redundancy or relocate to Scotland.

We should have sympathy for both employer and employees. Businesses will have to adapt and rationalise to survive and better that than to lose companies such as Powerplay altogether.

But the human consequences and the effect on families is so hard to see. Which is why Eastbourne will need to continue to run to stand still, in topping up the jobs leaking out the other end of the bucket.


THE ROW over a new town skatepark rumbles on, with political foes becoming ever more entrenched.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Manor Gardens is an area of tranquility that should be preserved, and is not the place for this teen facility.

Good on the council that it is committed to the idea and encouraging, too, to hear - for all the scaremongering - that it is well aware of this autumn’s lottery funding deadlines.

Two meetings planned for this weekend will polarise the political views still further and one will include a skateboard demonstration. And even if the Manor Gardens plan were to prevail, we can’t help thinking of the problems it would store up for a generation that could do without the grief.


OUR STREETS are safer for the absence of the 11 faces pictured on page two today.

Their capture and prosecution was the result of a massive joint operation between Sussex Police and their colleagues in British Transport. Painstsaking investigation led to 15 arrests in one fell swoop.

If they hadn’t been caught, those pictured would have heaped even more misery not only on the addicts they supplied, but on those who would have fallen victim to the crimes that underpins any drugs scene.