Herald Opinion: Stephen Lloyd, has certainly put in the leg-work

SOME fantastic news for Eastbourne with the announcement the Government has scrapped restrictive visa regulations which were having a devastating effect on the town’s language schools.

This is great news, not just for the language schools but for Eastbourne as a whole.

The influx of foreign students each year brings millions of pounds into the town’s economy through language school fees, payments to host families and the countless shops and services the young people use.

Headteachers and principals at the language schools have breathed a collective sigh of relief and have also queued up to praise Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd for his efforts to lobby the Government.

He has twice quizzed David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Question Time, led a cross-party delegation to discuss the problem with the immigration minister Damian Green, and organised a visit to the town by the the chief executive of the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA).

Meetings with the Home Secretary and a home affairs select committee were also in the pipeline.

Credit where credit’s due, Mr Lloyd, has certainly put in the leg-work on this issue.

PRAISE is also due to Eastbourne Police for their efforts in tackling the town’s drug problems this week.

Drug addiction, and the crime and anti-social problems it generates, is a complex social problem which cannot be dealt with by enforcement alone.

But it’s good to see Sussex Police taking action to target Class A drug dealers and as a result helping people whose lives or businesses are damaged by their criminal actions.

ON A lighter note, a quick reminder to everyone to join in the fun at the Little Chelsea Little Christmas event.

Organisers and traders have worked wonders to reschedule the variety of attractions after snow forced a earlier cancellation.

The fun festive fundraiser takes place tonight (Friday) and promises to raise plenty of cash for St Wilfrid’s Hospice.